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Sara explained 2 yrs agoFelt compelled to be able to write following studying all the deceiving reviews (good in addition to bad). I just returned out of Republic of colombia, where I’ve recently been traveling regularly regarding the past something like 20 years mainly because my hubby is normally from there. I will declare coming from personal experience the region IS very much more secure for visitors now than that used to end up being. There are many the also the around and also much better useful vacationers. We all always keep in Bogota, nonetheless they have moved all over a country subsequently city.

Tex said two years agoWent to Medellin and Cartagena the fall of last year. Do not had a trouble and i took a few problems out there, the same as hanging out along with questionable women and going for walks exclusively at deeper. However , i try out to hold upwards if you are an00 of situational awareness ( constantly trying to the attributes and lurking behind myself, bridging the road when there is a new large citizenry group before hand, etc). I am Photography apparatus American therefore we i am at decrease risk, I can complete without difficulty for any colombian until my spouse and i open up my own mouth. Going back to Cartagena this fall, the area is miraculous.

Sean stated a couple of years agoSo significantly this season, I actually have been completely to be able to Medellin, Colombia twice. I absolutely ADORE that city in addition to have easily fantastic experiences.

Don’t take taxis around the roadways, contact a truck’s cab service or employ Uber, cabyfy. Bogota is really a mess inside the frenzy several hours, avoid this period. Utilize your instincts, similar to every single big locale around the planet (Some parts of Bremen are specially “interesting” every time). In case you are in the Caribbean coastline (Cartagena, Barranquilla plus Father christmas Marta), prevent the unconventional locations, San Andres plus prevision are exquisite. The Coffee region and their towns are safe and outstanding, Cali is fantastic but avoid heading to a few places, unless you’re working with a local.

Santander plus Boyaca regions are often worth going to plus they are secure. Villavicencio as well as el campechano spot are fantastic, however it is more preferable along with a regional friend. The rain forest area is okay If you are in a GREAT hotel or along with an official visitor help.

Is actually really unjust just how this wonderful location have been portrayed inside the intercontinental mass media since the medicine wars of typically the 1980s. Can any person explain to myself the fascination combined with Pablo Escobar just about all above the planet?

  • Sara said couple of years agoFelt required to be able to compose after learning all the misleading comments (good in addition to bad).
  • Mario said quite a while agoHello I actually am German-Colombian.
  • The same neighborhood smarts that used in spots like New York City, Chicago and POWER, I used in Medellin.
  • Yi Rui explained 3 years agoI was drugged plus conned in Bogota a couple of years back throughout my own naive finished fist vacation to Colombia/South America.

Remarkable Colombians

Relating to large city tourism, We believe Medellin is the best, no doubt, Cali and Barranquilla are usually great, but Medellin is better. Bogota has it is personal colombia marriage beauty (You dislike this or actually like it) nonetheless honestly speaking I more than likely choose Bogota because a tourist location, I actually go there because I just possess friends and really like ones over presently there. Yi Rui explained 3 years agoI was heavy plus robbed in Bogota a couple of years in the past throughout my personal naive shut fist vacation to Colombia/South America.

The content identifies the particular Turner government’s raise of travel prohibit to certain areas. The situation along with Colombian nightlife is the fact that in some cities, especially Medellin, but mostly outside the capital of Bogota, persons aren’t standing up and interacting with others.


We came back risk-free on the particular same day time having a few hours flight. Nevertheless, I had quick term storage issues for many weeks pursuing the incident. Whenever regularly seeing my close friends or fellow workers, I could certainly not recall their titles. I’ve been to many places in Colombia and South America seeing that my earliest trip this year. All major metropolitan areas in Colombia still have serious crime concerns.

I was created in Republic of colombia (In Bogota), but I really have German ancestors and forefathers right from both mommy and father aspect. I just spent the childhood and teen conditions in Republic of colombia (Bogota and Medellin), and now All of us live in Philippines.

Regardless of the figure, Lebanese are possibly the biggest immigrant group subsequent to the Spanish since independence. Cartagena, Cali, and Bogota were among the cities considering the largest amount of Arabic-speaking representatives in Colombia 66 years ago. I have resided 6 years in Cartagena, a decade in a small country town 1 hour away from the 2 million person metropolis of Medellin and 1 year in Medellin. I’ve traveled upon it’s own to Bogota several times, to be able to Cali, Covenas, Barranquilla and a a large number of other towns. It is not really actually the urban centers that are perilous, it’s the attitudes regarding Vacationers that can come in this article.